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Handbags Italian Style Venice

People who want to choose and buy handbags of Italian style in Venice can find in Francis Model the answer to their needs. Leather products and accessories from Italy are known, loved and desired all over the world not only for their uniqueness, but also for their special design, their excellence and their high quality.

Sophisticated and classical, they are considered the most fashionable solutions that can improve an outfit. Francis Model offers quality and beauty with handbags of Italian style in Venice that are handmade according to local tradition. They are easily recognizable for their design, and realized with the best materials, that are chosen and selected in order to provide the customers the best experience: leathers are characterized by elastic properties and prove to be soft to the touch, as well as resistant to water and rusting, but also to stains and scratches.

There are a lot of kinds of leathers, so that everyone can find the solution which best fits his needs and tastes. From enameled leather to embossed calf leather, the variety of products gives life to a large and interesting collection, with a wide range of solutions.