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Handmade Italian products in Venice

Francis Model actually is a small craft that was born in 1965 in the historic center of Venice, a few steps from the Rialto bridge. The passion for true craftsmanship and the desire to offer customers a quality increasingly sought and selected brought the store to be one of the last and rare activity present in Venice really made ​​in Italy. In fact, today we are faced with a dilemma: to be invaded by China with their fake products “made in Italy” highly toxic and shoddy products or continue to provide you with the utmost seriousness’ our certified product at every stage of the process.
Francis Model is a leather factory where you can find handmade Italian products in Venice: we offer a wide range of designs and styles, and thanks to our experience we are able to meet all the customers’ needs. The attention to tradition is combined with the knowledge of the last trends: we choose materials, we cut them and we prepare handbags, bags and wallets offering the best standards of quality.


Our handmade Italian products in Venice are a synonym of quality and beauty, also because we have used only top quality materials for years for our creations. We work with leather mixing the most recent and the most ancient techniques. For wallets and bags, for example, we can choose ostrich leather, which is a material that is characterized by a tell-tale pattern of quill sockets and is appreciated above all for its softness to touch.


Fashion houses, indeed, use this kind of leather if they want to show their high class social status: it is a symbol of quality, of luxury and elegance. Besides, it has many other interesting attributes, too, such as durability and flexibility: it is a perfect leather for handmade Italian products in Venice.


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